TomTom Bandit mobile app

March 2015

On April 2015, TomTom announced the Bandit action camera. The camera has built-in motion sensors automatically identify and highlight epic moments from the user’s adventures. The user can also access them for easy editing or to show stats in the final video. I was part of the camera team working on the user interface and experience across the camera and the companion mobile(iOS and Android) and desktop applications. The TomTom Bandit mobile app is aimed to provide a smooth and easy video editing and sharing experience for the user when he/she is outdoors enjoying their activities.




Record – View – Edit – Share

In the viewfinder screen, the user can use the smartphone screen to see in real-time what he/she is about to capture. In the Library screen, the user can view the videos, photos and highlights without downloading them. Then the user can edit hours of footage into one video in minutes, and upload and share it directly to social media.




Shake to create & Visualise the data

The user can also “share to create” a video in seconds and apply overlays of the data to video clips.